Dirty T. (Michael Jackson vs. Katy Perry) Remix/Mashup – Studio Edit By DerivativeWorks

BY DerivativeWorks

“Dirty T.” is a studio edit of the original mashup featuring Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” from Bad (1987) and Katy Perry’s “ET” from Teenage Dream (2011). Gary Phillips (DJ Dirty T) incorporated the Jacksons’ 2005 hit “Scream” to tie the music video together visually.

The idea of merging two creations came solely from an artist imagining that they would work well together musically and lyrically. Katy Perry’s potential fifth Billboard hit (to tie the record held by Michael Jackson) is completely coincidental and had no bearing on the mashup. The announcement of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” remix featuring Missy Elliot was announced after this Michael Jackson/Katy Perry duet was first published to YouTube.

The studio edit lacks the narrative introduction which features Michael Jackson dramatizing the story of “E.T.”, recorded in 1981 for a children’s audio book (vinyl record) entitled “E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (album).” This remix is predominately heard from the perspective of MJ with Katy Perry echoing the seductive “Diana” about whom MJ sings.

This music and video is a derivative work, a legitimate form of creative art governed by United States “fair use” laws.

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